Apple figured out how to partially protect the iPhone from the effects of falling

I remember that Jeff Bezos, the head of, patented smartphones and tablets with an expandable air cushion (like

in cars), protecting gadgets duringfalls. Apple took a less fantastic route, patenting a method that few would have thought of, and for all iOS devices and MacBooks at once.

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As you can see, no pillows or even mythicalwings Just a small can of compressed gas. The website is very vague about what the hell this container is for. They write that during a fall, the sensors will be in the scary mode to calculate the approximate range and speed of the fall, after which this balloon and the already existing standard vibration motor will be activated in order to change the angle of incidence during the flight &#8211; in this case, the phone has a better chance of surviving if it falls either on the back or on the side panel (although I suspect that the glass will still crack a little). Also on the website for registering patents there are a bunch of other protection methods invented by the Cupertino team. For example, a special grip for the headphone plug so that the device simply hangs on the wire after freely flying down.

A source:Cnet