Apple Gets Patent for Touch Gesture Keyboard Case

Apple has received 53 new patents, and one of the most interesting concerns a keyboard case with gesture support.

Most likely, it will be an updated Smart Keyboard case with support for touch gestures.

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Apple previously patented touch gestures forKeyboards Magic. Perhaps the company wants to add such gestures to the keyboard case. If this happens, then we can use keyboard gestures with the iPad Pro.

According to Apple, technology comes in handy for gesturesmulti-touch. The technology will read touch using sensors. Using this information, certain actions on the device or keyboard will be activated.

The image above shows how the technology will work. Most likely, with such a keyboard it will be possible to type text with light touches, and Apple will add vibro-feedback to it.

Apple has already replaced physical buttons with gestures. With the iPhone X, Apple removed the Touch ID and replaced the button with system navigation gestures. Prior to this, the company replaced the physical Touch ID button on the iPhone 7 with a touch. Most likely, gesturing keyboards are waiting for us in the future.