Apple has added additional confirmation of subscriptions on the App Store

In the App Store, when you subscribe, a new window will now open, where users can confirm that they want

pay for this app.

What is needed

The "Confirm Subscription" menu explainsusers that the subscription will continue, if they do not cancel it in the settings. This is useful information, especially since most applications lure users by offering free trial versions. Account holders may not know that they can still withdraw money from their cards after the trial period expires. This feature was noticed by developer David Barnard on Twitter.

Upgrading is a way to enhancetransparency of payment in the store. In January, Apple began demanding that app subscriptions display the full price. So users will have fewer unpleasant surprises after purchasing the add-on.

The feature will also be useful in preventingscams on phones with a touch id. Sometimes accidentally pressing the Home button may cause a fingerprint scan to confirm purchases. The new pop-up screen will provide an additional level of protection against intruders.