Apple has canceled the premiere of its feature film Banker with Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson

Apple unexpectedly canceled the premiere of its first full-length film, entitled "Banker" ("The

Banker ").

What is he talking about

The film tells the real story of twoblack entrepreneurs Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris in racial segregation in the 1950s USA. They are played by Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury from The Avengers, Richmond Valentine from Kingsman) and Anthony Mackie (Falcon from The Avengers). They want to build a business empire, and for this they hire a white one (Nicholas Holt), who portrayed the director of their company, while the characters themselves pretended to be a janitor and a driver.

The picture was supposed to debut today onAmerican Film Institute's annual festival in Los Angeles. On December 6, they planned to show it in movie theaters, after which Banker would go to the collection of streaming service Apple +.

Why canceled

However, Netflix replaced Noah Baumbah’s “Marriage Story” at the Banker Festival. Apple canceled the premiere, but the fate of the film has not yet been decided.

It's all about Bernard Garrett Jr. - sonGarrett Sr., whose life formed the basis of the picture. The son of the protagonist was taken as a consultant to the film, but recently his sister accused him of sexual harassment.

“We acquired Banker earlier this year, sohow we were struck by the fascinating and informative story of the film about social change and financial literacy. Last week, we became aware of some of the problems associated with the film. Together with the directors, we need some time to understand these issues and determine the next steps. In light of this, we are canceling the premiere of Banker at AFI, ”Apple said in an official statement.