Apple has raised the price of the HomePod Mini smart speaker in some European countries

Apple, two days after the announcement of the new HomePod smart speaker, raised the price of the HomePod Mini model in

some European countries.

What is known

The price was raised from 99 to 109 euros in Austria,Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. By the way, the same price for a column was earlier in Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In the UK, the HomePod Mini is now £99 instead of £89.

For those who are not in the know

HomePod Mini is Apple's compact smart speaker.It was introduced in 2020. The device is powered by the Apple S5 chip and boasts 360-degree sound. The gadget has 4 microphones and supports Siri voice assistant. The column is powered by the mains. By the way, one of these days Apple will release an update for the device, which activates temperature and humidity sensors.