Apple HomePod Smart Speaker Specifications

Apple's new smart device HomePod has undoubtedly caused a stir at the WWDC 2017 conference.

Introducing a whole new field of technologyfor Apple, HomePod is an acoustic system that also plays the role of a virtual assistant in the form of Siri and acts as a convenient center for controlling smart devices at home through the HomeKit service.

In this article, we will introduce you to the technical characteristics of HomePod so that you have a clear idea of ​​what technologies are used in this accessory.

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions:
    • 6.8 inches tall (172 mm)
    • 5.6 inches wide (142 mm)
  • The weight:
    • 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
  • Two color schemes

Audio technology

  • High frequency woofer with separate dedicated amplifier
  • An array of seven horn tweeters, each with a separate amplifier
  • An array of six microphones designed to determine the space of a room and to communicate with Siri over a long distance
  • Internal low-frequency calibration microphone for automatic bass tuning
  • Formation of directional and filling sound wave
  • Transparent and dynamic processing of audio signals with the quality of studio processing

Demonwired protocols

  • 802.11a / b / g / n / ac Wi ‑ Fi with MIMO
  • Multiroom speaker support via AirPlay 2

Supported Languages

  • English (Australia, United Kingdom, United States)

That's all the official technical specifications of the HomePod device.

It is worth noting that this device is missingBluetooth protocol, and only communicates with your device and smart HomeKit devices via Wi-Fi. In addition, it is worth noting that there are no batteries in it, therefore, to use this device, it is necessary to provide standard power supply, which for some users can become a fat minus when deciding to purchase it.

HomePod Smart Speaker not yet available forpurchases, but starting in December 2017 will go on sale in Australia, Canada and the United States at a price of $ 349 dollars. In other countries, HomePod will be available at the beginning of 2018.

Do you buy such a device for the home? Maybe two at once? Share your opinion in the comment section below!