Apple intends to establish a non-waste production of gadgets

Apple told reporters about a robot that disassembles old iPhones so that electronic components from them

could be reused. In this way, the company wants to reduce dependence on the supply of raw materials.

According to Apple representatives, the specified robot -part of the plan, under which the company intends to become a closed-cycle manufacturer. The fact is that the demand for raw materials for production is growing due to the popularity of electric vehicles. And this means that mining companies will have to multiply the scale of production, which is not so good for nature.

Apple robot is able to break the iPhone intoparts, extracting from them 14 minerals, including lithium. The company already uses recycled tin and cobalt. Under normal conditions, the robot can take apart up to 200 smartphones per hour.

Experts believe that Apple’s ambitious plans are not destined to come true, since it is impossible to reuse all materials.