Apple Introduces AirPods Pro Earphones This Month

We have repeatedly heard that Apple is preparing new wireless headphones AirPods, but their release

was not expected until next year. Now sources claim that the official release will happen much earlier.

When and what to expect

According to insider information, the headphones willcalled AirPods Pro and will be released by the end of this month. It seems that the Pro prefix in the name means that the new model will really be head and shoulders above its predecessors.

It is expected that these will be earbuds with water protection, as well as a noise reduction system. The headphones also feature a metal case and a heart rate sensor.

AirPods Pro will allegedly cost $260, which makesthey are one of the most expensive in their segment. For example, Amazon Echo Buds with Bose noise-canceling technology were priced at $129, Microsoft Surface Earbuds with support for gestures and voice commands - $249, Pixel Buds – $179.