Apple iPad 2018: Review of the only king of tablets

The latest tablet from Apple of the non-professional level iPad of the sixth generation has received very interesting

Perhaps, for home use, this is the most profitable model in terms of price-performance ratio.Whether this is really the case, we will consider below.


Stylish design for Cupertinibusiness card, this is the company's philosophy. The device should not just perfectly perform all the tasks, but also provide the user with aesthetic pleasure. With confidence, you can call the exterior of the iPad reference. The all-aluminum body gives the feeling of an all-metal monolith, the build quality is perfect. From the decor on the back of the shiny logo, unchanged and stylish. The controls are located on the same face, which is normal for the tablet, because, holding with one hand, it will not turn on, as well as adjust the volume. The frames around the display are medium, here the developer decided to separate the PRO version from the regular one. From the connectors here there is Lightning along with an adapter for microUSB.


Screen diagonal 9.7 ”, 4: 3 ratio, which is convenient for surfing the Internet and reading books. True, watching widescreen movies is less comfortable. The resolution of the matrix is ​​2048x1536, which is very good for such a diagonal. The rendition of the traditional Apple devices is above all praise, the color coverage of almost 120 percent sRGB. Maximum viewing angles, white color without distortion, black - quite deep. It uses the IPS matrix of the highest class. The stock of brightness is enough to work outside in sunny weather, but there is no way to get away from the glare.

Iron performance

The basis of the hardware stuffing is firm4-core A10 Fusion processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM are installed to help the chipset. The performance of this bundle is quite enough even to play not too heavy games. Of course, today there are tablets with more powerful processors than the A10, however, all the tasks that the user will decide to solve on the tablet, the teeth of the sixth-generation iPad. PUBG Mobile holds an average of 30fps, which is quite comfortable to play. With prolonged loads, heating is felt, but the level does not make the work uncomfortable.

In everyday tasks, the tablet worksas smoothly and quickly as possible. Applications open instantly, multitasking is not comparable with any android tablet. There are no friezes, lags, no slowdowns, the only time regretted the RAM, today it is too little, browsers eat a lot of resources. However, the software is so optimized that it is not noticed. The initial version received a 32 GB drive. When choosing, immediately note that the storage extension is not possible, because there is no SD card receiver. It is better to immediately buy a version with a 128 gigabyte drive, or you need a fast internet connection and attach cloud storage.

Security is provided by a fingerprint scanner with Touch ID service. The module works without complaints, reliably and accurately.


The tablet boasts qualitystereo speakers, there are only two, unlike the four in the PRO version. But they work perfectly, give a very high quality and loud sound. Watching movies and playing is a pleasure. Cupertin tablets have always been famous for the excellent quality of the audio system, and this time they did not disappoint either. In headphones, music sounds just like a good specialized player, that is, music lovers can be calm, nothing threatens their hearing.


The cameras on the new tablet have not changed, here8 megapixel sensors are still used on the main, and 1.2 - on the front. Of course, using a tablet as a camera is completely inconvenient, but some tourists (maybe they just want to boast about the presence of an iPad?) Like to do it from a tablet. The main camera is capable of taking good quality pictures, especially when there is enough light. There is a digital zoom, but in general, the photo capabilities of the tablet are limited. The front camera copes well with video calls.

As for autonomy, here is the tabletahead of most competitors. The standard usage scenario easily withstands a couple of days, intensive use eats up the charge per day. Internet surfing wirelessly lasts 12 hours or more, video playback 13 hours. Recovery from zero charge is three hours.

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