Apple is coming to CES for the first time in 28 years. But for a different purpose

From January 7 to 10, Las Vegas will host the annual CES Consumer Electronics Show. And this time

she will be visited by a long-forgotten guest - Apple.

Why is it important

Apple has always firmly maintained its positionabout various exhibitions: while other companies were preparing their very best new products for them, the apple producer made its own presentations and did not participate in public events.

Moreover, Apple often inserted sticks into CES wheels: for example, last year it actively trolled visitors to the exhibition, and in 2007 it took the lion's share of attention with the debut of its first iPhone.

The last time Apple participated in CES back in 1992. Then she introduced the Newton Pocket PC, which never became a popular product.

And in 2020, Apple will return to Las Vegas after 28 years.

What for?

About the participation of Cupertinians said the CES schedule. However, while competitors are preparing new products for the exhibition, Apple goes there for a different purpose.

January 7 CES Stage to Speakprivacy of Jane Horvath. Representatives of Facebook and Procter & Gamble and the Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission will discuss personal data protection, security and online privacy with her. The topic of the speech is “Confidentiality is a human right”.

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