Apple is preparing a new MacBook on 16 inches and new features in the iPhone 11

Many experts, and even more so fans of Apple products, expect information from the company about new products,

that consumers expect this year.And so, the other day, one of the analysts who monitors all the products of the Chi Kuo company published information about what the brand will delight its fans this year. According to him, Apple will roll out a new MacBook Pro laptop with a 16-inch screen diagonal. In addition, we will get a 6K resolution 31-inch monitor, an iPhone with double-sided charging, a new iPad and much more.

Macbook pro

Kuo assumes the new laptop will getthe display is 16.5 ”, and will have an original design that is different from the previous generation. This will be the largest MacBook after the release of the famous series of 17 inches seven years ago. There is also information that Apple will meet the needs of users, and make the 13-inch MacBook Pro the ability to add RAM. If the current generation supports a maximum of 16 gigabytes, then the next one will keep 32 gigabytes of RAM. And there is also information that work is underway on a version of Mac Pro, where components can be easily changed. Fans will obviously be happy if everything proves true.

As for the development of a new monitor withrecord resolution for 31-inch screens, then the work is almost completed, the monitor will receive 6K resolution, the backlight of the monitor will be a Mini LED, which will significantly improve image quality, and evenness will be one hundred percent


On smartphones there is evidence that current modelsyears the sizes will keep former, as well as the main design. In general, it will be the same XR XS, only with more powerful configurations. The report refers to the diagonals 6.5 (senior model), 6.1, and the smallest will receive a diagonal of 5.8 ”. The list of new features that the company plans to introduce in new smartphones is listed as an ultra-wideband connection, which will be used for more accurate positioning, as well as for seamless navigation inside the premises. There will also be a new coating on the display in the form of a frosted glass, a new wireless charging with feedback, that is, two-way charging. Now Mate 20Pro has this from Huawei.

Face ID company will further improve capacitybatteries in the line of the current year will be increased (there will be more different options). 11 Max will receive a triple module of the main camera, the rest will be equipped with dual modules

iPad Pro this year, the company plans to releasein two versions. New models will increase the diagonal, without affecting the overall dimensions of the body, only due to the framework. The new diagonal will be 10.2 ”. In addition, the tablet will change the processor to a more productive.

Apple Watch now “RU will measure and in the marketsIn other countries, the ceramic case will also become global. Headphones Airpods 2 will be able to charge wirelessly, as well as get a new generation of Bluetooth, which can not fail to please music lovers, given that the current generation of the bluetooth cuts frequencies significantly. This year, the analyst is waiting for the appearance of the long-awaited rug-charger.