Apple is preparing to launch an iPad with a folding display

After launching the Galaxy Fold, albeit unsuccessful, smartphones with a folding display no longer seem to be a wonder to us.

This idea, apparently, decided to move andanother product category. Apple is expected to launch an innovative iPad model that will receive a folding screen. All the details below.

iPad 2020

According to sources, Appleis preparing to present to the public an unusual tablet model with a folding display. It is reported that the American manufacturer is interested in folding devices, but is not going to rush to launch them, as Samsung did. Moreover, Apple decided to start with the tablets.

According to the analyst who received the datainformation from its sources, the screen size of the new iPad will be approximately equal to the current MacBook lineup. That is, about it will be another version with a 12-inch screen. Moreover, sources claim that this version will support 5G networks for the first time and provide many useful functions for businesses.

A new iPad with a foldable display will also havethe camera in the back to be able to shoot 3D models, and later edit them with the Apple Pencil. The expected release date is 2020, but for many this seems unlikely, since Apple will obviously have to face many potential problems if it releases a device with a folding screen.

An example of this is the Samsung Galaxy Fold,which revealed many problems after it fell into the hands of bloggers. In the end, Samsung decided to postpone the launch of Galaxy Fold and this week completed the redesign of the device, although the final launch date is still unknown.