Apple is working on a new version of the MacBook Air: the laptop will get thinner, lighter and get MagSafe

Recently, the American edition of Bloomberg reported that Apple is testing a folding smartphone and preparing for the release of the iPhone c

subscreen scanner. Now the network has more information about the company's new products.

What is it this time

This time journalist Mark Gurmansaid that the Cupertinians are preparing to release a new MacBook Air. It will be the top version of the model presented in November. The device is credited with a proprietary processor, a new look and a lightweight body. The laptop will be thinner and boast a MagSafe magnetic charger. By the way, it is also credited to the next MacBook Pro.

The screen in the 2021 MacBook Air will remain the same at 13 inches. Also, Apple is not going to remove USB-C ports from the device. There will still be two of them.

When to expect

According to the leak, Apple will release a new MacBook Air in the second half of this year.

Source: Bloomberg

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