Apple itself is tired of errors in the OS, so there will be much less bugs in iOS 14

The release of the new version of the iOS operating system, to put it mildly, was problematic: it seems that iOS 13 has become a champion

by the number of bugs. Apparently, after listening to unflattering reviews, Apple decided to change the approach to software testing.

What will change

The publication Bloomberg, citing its own sources, writes that the head of software direction Craig Federighi announced a new approach to the release of test assemblies at a recent meeting.

So, before, new features were embedded in daily iOS builds before they were fully tested. Due to the large number of updates, testers could not understand what exactly went wrong.

“Daily assembly is like a dish thatcooked by many cooks. The test software is so oversaturated with changes at various stages of development that it becomes very difficult to use the devices on which it is installed. Because of this, some testers go around for several days with smartphones that actually do not work, and all this time they cannot figure out which function contains bugs and which does not. This contradicts the very purpose of testing, since Apple engineers cannot check how the operating system responds to changes made to it. And that’s exactly what led to some problems in iOS 13, ”a Bloomberg source explains.

But now developers will turn offUnverified and unstable features in daily test builds. But in the settings there will be a separate category “Flags” for daredevils who dare to test such functions.

The company is going to use a new approach wheniOS 14 development, so the next update should be more stable. In addition, this method will also be used in work on iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS.

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