Apple launches App Store Events - flashcards with information on gaming competitions, new movie premieres and live broadcasts

One of the new App Store features coming in iOS 15 is App Store Events. In it, Apple will celebrate

timely events in apps and games.

Apple is experimenting with App Store Events oniOS 15 devices, and as of this writing, users can see a notification for the TikTok Summer Camp event in the Today view of the App Store on iPhone as of this writing. The event is also displayed on iPadOS 15.

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Appearing as a card in the view“Today,” the first App Store Event displays the time and download link for TikTok, the app that hosts the event. By clicking on this link, you can get more information about what kind of event this is - in this case it is a “Summer Camp” session where creators and artists can share their experiences with fans.

According to Apple, App Store Events willused to inform users about gaming competitions, new movie premieres, live broadcasts and much more. Events will appear in Today mode, but they can also be found on the Games and Apps tabs, search results, and the app's product page.

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App Store events are limited to iOS devices15, so the TikTok Summer Camp event will not appear on devices running iOS 14.7.1. The number of events will increase as the launch of iOS 15 approaches, and everyone will have access to them after the public release of the operating system.

Source: macrumors

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