Apple moves away from China: for the first time, iPhone production will be launched simultaneously in India

Apple's key partner, Foxconn, has iPhone production lines outside of China, for example in

Brazil and India.However, Chinese manufacturing remained the most important when it came to global iPhone shipments. This time, however, Apple may start manufacturing the iPhone 14 at the same time in India and China. Discuss

The message came from a trusted analystMing-Chi Kuo. He revealed that at least one of the new iPhone 14 models will be produced in India at the same time as China. If true, this would be the first such case.

As Kuo notes, in a normal situation, to startProduction of a new iPhone outside of China usually takes several months. For example, Foxconn started assembling the iPhone 13 in India in April of this year, with production starting in Brazil a few weeks later.

According to Kuo, iPhone production capacity14 in India won't be enough in the short term to fill the gap caused by manufacturing problems in China, but it's still a "major milestone for Apple" when it comes to expanding iPhone production elsewhere.