Apple patented a folding screen for smartphones and tablets

The company's engineers have found a way to increase the service life of the bending mechanism. If the device understands that

the user plans to fold it will startheating the flexion zone. The patent notes that most failures of folding smartphones occur at low temperatures, when the mechanism is not warmed up enough.

Heating will be at the expense of brightglow of pixels in the center of the screen or using a special heater. The company assumes that at low temperatures in the device will block, if the user tries to open it.

Earlier, Samsung officially unveiled itsGalaxy Fold smartphone with a flexible screen and six cameras. The device uses the Infinity Flex display, which Samsung announced last year. The company claims that the mechanism will be able to withstand hundreds of thousands of discoveries. In addition to the folding screen, the smartphone is equipped with 12 GB of RAM, 512 GB of memory and two batteries that provide up to 4,380 mAh.

In mid-February, the Chinese company TCL received a patent for a flexible smartphone that can even bend into a hand bracelet.