Apple plans to complete One to One training course

While Apple continues to work on radical changes in sales centers, other cardinal

changes are likely to affect tutorials.

As reported in an article publishedMacRumors, Apple plans to complete the One to One tutorial. Apple Corp. intends to make the training course available to more users by organizing free training on its basis at Apple sales centers.



99 One-to-One Training Coursedollars paid separately and was intended for individual training for users of Mac, iPad or iPhone. The duration of individual lessons ranged from 30 to an hour, there was also the possibility of group classes lasting 90 minutes. While the group classes offered by Apple took place for free, the One to One course included lessons aimed at introducing users to the individual capabilities of each device, such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, iTunes, etc.

It is also reported that Apple will review topicstraining courses, in particular “Creation” and “Research”. It is planned that the One to One program will later turn into free training, but it is not known when these changes will take effect.