Apple prepares camera upgrades for future iPhone

The smartphone has long turned into a pocket media and information center. With its help, a person is always in touch,

Moreover, the connection can also be interrupted by video, as was recently shown only in science fiction films. In addition, a smartphone is a gaming center, a music center, it’s even a mini-TV, a navigator, and so on.

Photo opportunities are our everything

But lately, one function is getting everythingmore important is the photo capabilities of the smartphone. At the same time, users make increasingly high demands on the quality of shooting. Even in comparative tests of flagships, they began to pay less attention to processor speed and more to the quality of cameras. And no wonder, modern mobile processors are so productive that during the operation of the smartphone the user does not see the difference at all, the top-end processor is installed or a two-year average. Applications with both options work equally fast and smoothly, the interface on a smartphone works well on the cheapest models. But the quality of shooting still has much to improve, and any flaws are visible, as they say, with the naked eye.

Manufacturers have recently begun to paythis is a lot of time and resources, they collaborate with companies producing professional photographic equipment and optics, even buy entire firms with a similar business, only to improve the parameters of their cameras. Apple also recently acquired such a firm - Spectral Edge. The one we are waiting for when the Cupertino company launches the iPhone with the best camera.

Vision like a Predator

Spectral Edge is a British company thatspecializes in combining machine learning and image capture technologies with infrared sensors. The company has developed a unique technology for the real improvement of photos taken from cameras with standard settings. Special AI algorithms process the image using data from an infrared sensor, that is, the version that the IR camera took. At the same time, the final result is really improved, and not just with saturation twisted to maximum. This infrared camera allows you to do more accurate colors and better detail.

Spectral Edge products and results impressedApple and the company were bought without long negotiations, and officially this case has not yet been announced, but Ronald Denwood has already appeared on the list of directors of Spectral Edge, and this is the leading lawyer of the Cupertin corporation. By the way, the rest of the directors left their posts, so that full control passed to Apple.

By the way, the American company already has boughta Cambridge company engaged in the development of various products and research, and it is possible that the two British companies will merge. This would be more logical and appropriate than having two disparate companies in Cambridge.

Currently a leader in the mobile segmentphotography is a giant of Google, its apparatus Pixel 4 showed the best results in the world on all independent test sites. And at the same time, the Google flagship does not use a quad module of cameras of 100 megapixels each, everything is much more modest, but the photos are the best. The company achieved this quality thanks to advanced software for cameras and fine-tuning the entire bundle from sensor to optics. Now Apple, it seems, wants revenge, and the purchase of Spectral Edge, is designed to bring the Cupertinians to a breakthrough, or at least a leap forward. IR sensor and advanced AI algorithms are likely to appear in the 12th version of the iPhone