Apple Pro Display XDR Monitor Review: Everything just works!

When Apple announced the $ 5,000 Pro Display XDR last year, the company noted its huge

opportunities and the fact that it is intended for professionals. There are already a lot of Pro Display XDR reviews online, so it's time to find out if this is really the case.

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PCMag Tested Display and Praisedhim for "incredible color accuracy and build quality." Despite its high cost, the display is quite justified in comparison with other professional monitors.

Pro Display XDR Monitor Design Not Onlyunique, but also functional. Thanks to this design, the monitor does not overheat even after prolonged use. After working for 30 minutes, the Pro Display XDR monitor began to warm, but it did not overheat due to excellent air access.



Regarding color gamut and fidelitycolors, the Pro Display XDR scored 94.3% in the sRGB color space, which is less than 100% in other monitors. However, professional users rarely use the sRGB space to create content, so this will not be a problem for them.

In the Adobe RGB test, the Pro Display XDR monitor scored 96.7%. In the DCI-P3 test, 98.7%, which is only 0.3% less than 99% approved by Apple.

In terms of brightness, here the Pro Display XDR has paid off. Its maximum brightness is 499 nits in SDR mode and 1560.9 nits in HDR mode.

The monitor beat everything in color accuracyrecords. In all three color spaces (sRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI-P3), the monitor's lowest rating was 0.68 dE. This was achieved even without calibration.

If you're a pro who has a Mac, then buying a Pro Display XDR is worth it. It will not work for Windows users due to poor compatibility.

A source: PCMag