Apple puts on AR: together with Valve is preparing a new generation AR-headset

Since Apple needs new points of growth, and the company has already occupied all the niches that could be easily occupied,

There is nothing left to do but to immerse yourself in another reality.With the virtual one, somehow it did not work out, because the use of this technology at this stage is extremely limited.It cannot be applied in business, it is useless in production, trade, except for games, and another specific orientation, soWith Augmented Reality, it's different: the range of applications is so wide that it's easier to list where this technology won'tTake any area of activity, and AR technologies have work everywhere – in medicine, in games, in production, on the roads, in space, in sports, in military affairs, in education, culture, in general, it coversIt is logical to start promoting your products based on augmented reality.

What's new

Apple is preparing a new AR-headset, development is ongoingin close collaboration with Valve, a computer game publisher. The same company is now working with the Steam portal, in recent years the most popular gaming portal. This was reported by DigiTimes specialists, adding that active work is underway on displays that will be mounted on the headset, most likely in the form of ordinary glasses. The release of new items is planned for the second half of next year.

Sources claim the Cupertin’s companyalso works with Quanta Computer, where a new device might be coming together. However, while there is no data on how the AR-headset will look, how it will work, and in general, what kind of functionality it will be. Sources were some industry insiders, perhaps this is just speculation, but rumors that Apple is showing serious interest in augmented reality arise too often. In a compartment with some leaks, we can assume that in the near future consumers will find something interesting in this regard.

Headset be

Last month, experts reported that Applecooperates with a number of third-party manufacturers, and is going to release glasses with AR technology, but he did not name specific companies. Now DigiTimes just clarified some of the details and release dates of the proposed new items. Valve is now known on Steam, as well as on games such as Half-Life. At the same time, the company has its own VR-headset Valve Index. The announcement of this headset took place in late spring this year. Earlier, the company worked with the manufacturer of smartphones HTC on the production of the Vive VR line.

As for the upcoming Apple headset, then outdepending on the form, it has always been associated not with virtual reality, but with augmented. VR there was always secondary, apparently just in the wake of hype, when consumers and experts still believed in a brighter future for virtual reality. Now the industry has slightly adjusted its direction, focusing on augmented reality.

Smartphone VR sunset

Mobile VR trend when mover and screenThe smartphone acted, which was invested in a special case of the headset, was gradually blown away. Manufacturers did not appreciate the prospects of this technology, those few working solutions that were able to enter the market are not popular with users. The capacities of smartphones are small, the cat has cried out for headsets, and the development and production is rather troublesome. Even Google could not stand the pressure of hopelessness and announced the closure of the Daydream VR project, although this headset is the most successful in the market of mobile VR solutions.