Apple recognized the problem of flexgate in MacBook Pro and promises free repair

Three years ago, users of MacBook Pro laptops began to complain about problems with the screen. And just now

Apple finally responded to these complaints and recognized the case as under warranty.

What is flexgate

This problem has already appeared on the network.the name is flexgate. And it consists of a regular cable that connects the motherboard and the display. Every time the laptop lid was opened, the cable became frayed and damaged, and this had a bad effect on the operation of the display. More precisely, vertical stripes appear at the bottom of the screen.

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And because of Apple’s great love for glue, such a breakdown is expensive for users: the cable is tightly glued to the screen, so repairs cost as much as $600.

What to do

iFixit specialists noticed that in the 2018 MacBook Pro the cable became 2 mm longer, which, theoretically, could solve the cable problem. But until now there has been no official information from Apple.

Now the company says that “very small"percent" of 13-inch MacBook Pro models sold from October 2016 to February 2018 suffer from this problem. Therefore, service centers will repair such breakdowns free of charge.

If you have already spent money on repairs, apply for compensation, the company promises to return the entire amount.