Apple released its own Apple Card credit card and introduced News + and TV + services

Today, as expected, Apple held a presentation, but not devices, but new services: Apple Card, Apple News +, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade (read more about it in our news).

Apple card

This is a branded bank card, which is designed tomake using a credit card more simple and efficient. To get the card you need only a smartphone. Register with Apple Wallet, add a card - and within minutes you can use it. You can also issue a physical titanium card - it is without a number, CVV code, expiration date and other usual information.

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You can pay for purchases wherever the Apple Pay service works. At the same time, the company promises not to take any commissions, reduce interest rates and “penalize” for late payments.

Moreover, the Daily Cash cashback system will operate: 1% when paying with a physical card, 2% using Apple Pay and 3% for purchases at Apple stores.

And through the application, you can not only see the balance, but also track purchases and manage finances using AI: the system can group costs into categories, make charts and graphs.

Apple Card will start to make out in the summer.

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Apple News +

This is a paid company news service, whichprovides access to digital versions of 300 different editions. Among them are The New Yorker, Esquire, The Atlantic, National Geographic, Men’s Health, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, etc. In addition, there are digital bookmarks, animated covers and notifications about the release of the new issue.

This subscription costs $ 9.99, and there is a family one. If you buy all these publications separately, it will be much more - about $ 8,000 per year.

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From today service is available for platforms.Mac and iOS in the USA and Canada in English and French. After that, they promise to connect Australia and the UK, and later - in other European countries. The first month of use is free.

Apple TV +

This is a new streaming video service company. Unfortunately, there are very few details about it, and the cost of the subscription is still unknown. In addition to access to various channels like HBO or Showtime. Apple TV + will offer its own content: now in the production of more than 25 movies and TV shows. And all this happiness without ads!

Service will start in the fall. Most likely, closer to that time, we will learn more about Apple TV +.