Apple released watchOS 2 beta for developers

Apple is focusing on the software for the Apple Watch, improving it. Many Apple Watch owners look forward

waiting with watchOS 2.

New software wasshowcased this year at Keynote's Worldwide Developers Conference, and includes many new features. June 23, Apple released watchOS 2 beta 2 for developers. Slightly updated software is available for testing by developers. With the new beta, developers were allowed to continue testing applications, and also gained access to other features of the Apple Watch, including Digital Crown and built-in sensors.

As for the new features in watchOS, thenusers expect a new “Travel Time” feature to allow them to check information about upcoming events right from the clock, a new Nightstand mode, three new Watch Faces, and third-party access to the dial.

New Watch Faces

watchOS 2.0 has new WatchFaces such as Photo Face or Photo Album Face. Watch Faces will allow users to use their own images as a background for the dial, which can change every time they raise their wrists to check the time.

In addition, developers will also be able to createtheir own Complications with watchOS 2. This will allow developers to provide users with more necessary information right on the wrist of their watches.


With watchOS 2.0, Apple opens Complications for third-party apps from the App Store. This will allow you to display on the watch the necessary information for users, without requiring opening a third-party application.

Time Travel or Time Travel

Time travel allows Watch ownersCheck planned events, or other information that should occur, directly from the dial. The time travel function will work with a digital head, which will allow the user to scroll through the head to get information.

Nightstand or bedside table

WatchOS 2 also has a new modeNightstand, which automatically displays the time of the upcoming alarm when the watch is charging. In this mode, the digital head will postpone the alarm for a certain time, and the side button will turn off the alarm.

Support for standard applications

This will allow developers to create applications,which can work and process application data directly on the Apple Watch itself. This will lead to faster opening / closing of applications and increase response time.

Workout application

With watchOS 2, Apple has updated the Workout app, which will allow users to share their activity and workout achievements on Facebook, Twitter, and posts.

Apple Watch owners can also use Siri directly to start their workout right now.


With HomeKit support in watchOS 2, Apple Watch owners will be able to directly control lighting and other HomeKit accessories through various Apple Watch applications.

Access to the hardware core

Apple will provide developers access to the mainApple Watch hardware such as a microphone, accelerometer, speaker, Taptic Engine, digital head, and more with watchOS 2. This will allow developers to create more extensive applications for SmartWatch.

Programs will now also be able to play videos on SmartWatch, thus allowing users to view videos sent by friends right on the wrist.



watchOS 2 also brought an update to Apple Maps withsupport for traffic navigation, the updated Apple Pay, Siri application with improved voice control, which will allow users to start training on a voice command.

For those using the first beta of watchOS 2, the new software is available over the air (OTA) through the Apple Watch iOS 9 app.