Apple Ring: smart ring for smartphone control

Apple, judging by USPTO patent documents, is preparing a new gadget from a series of wearable devices. Anyway

case, the title of the patent directly refers toring computing device and user interface for such devices. According to the description, the technology refers to a smart ring with a small touch display. Inside the ring there is a processor, a battery, and a wireless communication module.


A smart ring that fits over your fingerable to control other devices, for example, a smartphone or tablet. For this, gesture or voice commands are provided. Already have bracelets, watches with many functions, but it took another ring. In fact, the practicality of this type of device is extremely doubtful. The fact is that the compact size of the ring, to sit like an ordinary engagement ring, is now impossible to do, and the huge knob on the finger greatly interferes in everyday life.

Shoot it constantly, and only when there isneed to wear? But there is a watch for this, convenient, multi-functional, people are used to it, they do not interfere with work. In addition, using the ring you can control applications on your smartphone, that is, we have a smartphone that we bought in order to have a compact computer at hand, and to use it to control other devices with light finger movements or through a voice assistant. Then where did another intermediary link in the form of a ring come from?

Apple explains that smartphones and tabletsbulky and uncomfortable and ineffective in some cases. As an example, the company cites a situation with dirty hands, for example, in the kitchen. Also in the arguments is hand fatigue from using the touch screen. Also, screens emit a spectrum that is harmful to many people. This is how the company describes its products in order to justify the emergence of a smart ring for managing mobile devices that it has developed to be convenient to use.

Okay, radiation, okay, dirty or wet hands,is there a voice assistant, why is it in the smartphone, if it can not be controlled without hands? Amazon also recently introduced its smart ring called Echo Loop, in which Alexa’s proprietary voice assistant is integrated. This ring has a functional, like a smart speaker, through a special application you can set an emergency number, which will be called by double-clicking on the ring. At the very ring there is no Internet access, but, by pairing via bluetooth with a smartphone, he gets it. The ring is designed for the index finger, the price for it starts at $ 130, this is if by pre-order, the retail price will soon be $ 180.

The man who hears information on the ringNow it looks very strange, smartphones were developed in order to have many functions in one portable device that fits in one hand that allow you to manage not only the phone book, but also a host of other aspects, including bank cards, accounts, social networks (with your accounts) and much more.