Apple showed off Apple Card in two videos

In anticipation of the launch of the Apple Card service, Apple has released a series of videos detailing

describes how to use the system.

How it works

Videos cover almost all aspectscredit card functionality: from setting up the Wallet application to payment methods and rewards system for purchases. In general, using Apple Card is no different from working with regular credit cards or Apple Pay, but there are a few nuances. For example, the video below explains how to find out your credit card number, which is quite a non-trivial task considering that it is not stamped on the card itself.

The second video is about the Wallet app,necessary for the design of the Apple Card. It is able to display graphs of user expenses and the functionality is also almost identical to traditional banking applications.

Testing of the service is set to begin today in the US, with physical cards to begin rolling out at the end of August 2019.