Apple started selling iPhone parts for home repairs

Apple has allowed users to fix iPhones and laptops themselves. The company plans to start selling

repair components and tools, and issue instructions on how to carry out the procedure at home.

Apple plans to launch this program with iPhone 12and 13, then parts and instructions for Macs with M1 chips will become available. In the early stages, users will be able to replace their own display, battery and iPhone camera.

It's worth noting that this is a big step for Apple.which has historically made it difficult to repair its equipment. The company called the program Self Service Repair. It will be launched early next year. First in the United States, then it will spread to other countries.

Apple has clarified that the program is intendedonly for "individual technicians with knowledge and experience in the repair of electronic devices." But the majority of clients are still recommended to contact professionals.

How much the parts and tools will cost is still unknown.

Source: The Verge