Apple still forced to abandon Lightning

European Parliament adopts resolution calling for “mandatory introduction of common chargers

devices for all mobile devices. "

What does it mean

European Commission, the highest executive bodyThe European Union, has long wanted to introduce a single standard for chargers for electronics manufacturers in Europe. She is leaning toward USB-C, which many Android devices have already switched to.

This means that companies can oblige to use only USB-C and abandon micro-USB and Lightning (in the case of Apple).

So in Europe they decided to fightelectronic waste: with a single standard, people will not have to buy different chargers for gadgets, as a result of thrown cables will be less. Although Apple says the opposite: there will be more waste when its users start throwing out charges with Lightning connectors.

By the way, now for each person there are about 6 kilograms of electronic waste per year.

In addition, the European Parliament called for improved cable recycling facilities and compatibility with wireless chargers.

The corresponding bill should be developed and considered by July, so manufacturers still have time.

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