Apple stopped listening to Siri user conversations

Apple has announced the suspension of the Siri quality control program worldwide.

What happened

A business

is that during the voice quality controlassistant contractors listen to some user records. Recently, one of these contractors talked to reporters and told them what conversations they had.

Sometimes Siri starts recording when she’s about itno one asks: for example, when zipping up on clothes or after raising a hand with an Apple Watch. As a result, contractors often hear sex couples, confidential medical information, and even talk of drug deals.

Apple says contractors get less than 1%daily user requests in order to analyze how Apple works correctly. Usually requests last only a few seconds. At the same time, the audio recordings were “delivered anonymously, randomly, and were not tied to the names or user IDs”.

However, the employees themselves say they getinformation about the location of the user, so find out his name is not difficult. Yes, and their turnover is large, so, in theory, personal user conversations can fall into the wrong hands.

What now

Apple responded to this information andsuspended the program with contractors. Now it will be revised: the company plans to release an update that will allow users themselves to choose whether to send their records for review.

“We strive to provide the best possible experience.use Siri, protecting user privacy. At the time of the thorough analysis, we suspend the program to assess the quality of Siri's work on a global scale. In addition, with future software updates, users will be able to opt out of the assessment program, ”Apple said in a statement.