Apple stopped signing iOS 13.3

Apple stopped signing iOS 13.3 - users will no longer be able to roll back to iOS 13.3 from 13.3.1 This happened through

A few hours after Pwn20wnd announced the release of unc0ver public beta jailbreak for devices with A12 (X) -A13 processors on iOS 13.0-13.3.

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The beta release was due to take place in the coming hours, with the internal beta testing still in place.

But Apple abruptly removed the ability to roll back to iOS 13.3.

Users of devices with A12 (X) -A13 chips,who managed to roll back from iOS 13.3.1 to iOS 13.3 before canceling the subscription, will be able to install the updated unc0ver jailbreak when the utility comes out, as well as users of devices with iOS 13.0-13.3.

Owners of iPhone 5s and newer, up to iPhone X,will be able to jailbreak using checkra1n regardless of the firmware version. Apple cannot fix the bootrom exploit with a software update, but unfortunately this vulnerability does not cover new devices running on A12 (X) -A13 processors.

If you have not upgraded to iOS 13.3, stay on the current firmware while waiting for the jailbreak.

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