Apple threatens to strip old iPhone Internet, mail, and other important services

Not all owners of Apple gadgets want to upgrade them to new versions of the operating system. However the most ardent

opponents of updates will still have to do this, otherwise the main services will stop working on smartphones.

What does it mean

The owners of iPhone 5 smartphones have begun to receive relevant messages. Apple says that they need to update iOS 10.3.4, and it’s better not to delay it: the deadline is November 3.

Otherwise, users will not be able toUse the Internet, email, iCloud cloud storage, the App Store and some other services. In addition, updating after this date via Wi-Fi will not work: iCloud Backup service will be disabled.

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And this is due to the reset of GPS counters on the night of April 6-7. And the above services need the correct date and time values.

True, this applies only to a small number of users. According to the latest data from Apple, now only 9% of devices use older versions of the OS, up to iOS 12.