Apple told all about the game service Apple Arcade

Apple re-introduced the Arcade gaming service. The release date, price and exclusive projects were announced.

What's new

Sign up for Apple Arcade will cost 4.99dollars. For this price, the buyer will get access to hundreds of games, some of which are exclusive to the service. The projects are diverse in terms of genres and hardware requirements, even the Dark Souls mobile clone called Pascal’s Wager appeared on the presentation. Also among the developers noted eminent studios Konami and Capcom. You can play on all Apple devices: Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. In addition, Arcade supports cloud saving - the user can start playing the game on a Mac at home, and on the go continue on the iPhone or any other gadget.

The service will be launched on September 19 in 150 regions. The subscription price is $ 4.99 (about 125 UAH), the first month of use will be free.