Apple unveils ultra-rugged titanium Apple Watch Ultra for extreme sports enthusiasts

After months of rumors and speculation, Apple nevertheless announced them - their first smart watch for fans

extreme sports and activities.

The device is called the Apple Watch Ultra. Their distinctive feature was the high strength, which was achieved thanks to the titanium case.

At the same time, Apple noted that the novelty is a premium device and will now be in first place in the entire line of smart watches of the company.

The device received the most advanced communication modules.For example, it combined L1 and L5 GPS. also the device has the most capacious battery in the line. This allows the watch to live on a single charge up to 60 hours on a single charge.

Apple says it's the best smartwatch in the world. In principle, try to find analogues ...

The Apple Watch Ultra is also the largest watch in the history of the series. They have a 49mm case.

Apple said that the device will compete with gadgets from companies such as Garmin and Polar. The cost of new items is $ 799, the start of sales is September 23.