Apple updates AirTag to make it more secure

In April, Apple introduced the AirTag tracker to help you find and track lost items.

But the miniature gadget caused a mixed reaction from users.

What's wrong?

The safety of the label is questionable, becausecan be used for covert surveillance of someone: for example, discreetly put a gadget in the bag of your partner or competitor and always be aware of where it is and where it goes / goes.

The way thatAirTag warns passers-by about a lost tracker nearby: it emits a sound after three days of loss. But if you live with a person who is following you, AirTag will not beep, as it will see the “parent” device every day.

New efforts are being made to combat this problem.tracker update that should "prevent unwanted tracking." Now AirTag will beep not after 3 days, but during time windows from 8 to 24 hours. If someone discovers an unwanted device, just bring an iPhone or gadget with NFC to it and get instructions on how to turn off tracking.

In addition, CNET reports that Apple is working on an Android app to detect AirTag, with the company promising to share more details "later this year."

In terms of firmware, AirTag will automatically update when you are near the iPhone.

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