Apple Watch Series 2 aluminum 38mm smart watch: climbing

The first smartwatches from Cupertino had a lot of successful ideas implemented, but the device, as well as

the software required seriousimprovements, since the first pancake turned out to be imperfect. The second generation is completely different; today you can buy the Apple Watch Edition series 2 42mm not only for the brand, but also for the responsive interface, fairly long battery life, and also for the protected waterproof case.

Of course, Apple is not a pioneer in terms ofsmart watches, they were not the first to introduce such a device to the market, but it was after the release of the Cupertin watches that became the call for consumers and manufacturers that signaled that smart watches should be taken seriously, and not as a beautiful toy for a narrow circle of geeks.


Apple Watch Series 2 aluminum 38mm watch receivedas a sip processor or packaged Apple S2 system, about which very little information. If the processor A10 Fusion, which stands in the seventh iPhone, is a real mystery, no matter how hard the enthusiasts try, the chip on a smart watch is a full night. According to the manufacturer in the package has a dual-core chip and integrated graphics. In terms of performance, the new filling is almost twice as fast as the previous model. On-board memory is now also twice as large - 1 gigabyte. The battery capacity is increased by one third, the display with AMOLED matrix became twice as bright, but with the same resolution.

Very important improvement - the navigation appearedGPS module (in addition, there is support for GLONASS). Navigation is designed to track walking and jogging routes, as well as the average speed of movement. The first generation of hours was determined only by an approximate distance by counting the number of steps with an accelerometer. There was also a barometer to determine the height.


The shape of the clock remains the same, slightly increasedthickness. The aluminum body and steel almost a millimeter, and the ceramic 1.3 mm. Operating the operating system is possible not only through the display sensor, but also through the crown. The materials of the case have changed a little, now the side adjoining the hand is made of zirconium ceramics. A sapphire crystal is mounted on top of the sensors. And now it is in all versions, and not just expensive ones, as it was with the first generation

  • The cheapest version is aluminum, but the alloy is one of the most durable, with the addition of zinc, as well as magnesium. To improve the appearance of aluminum anodized, as well as painted in different colors.
  • The older version is made of special non-magnetic steel 316L. To increase the strength of stainless steel, the material was processed additionally by cold forging.
  • The older model is not made of gold, but of special polished white ceramic. Of course, the cost of the maximum version has decreased significantly.

The screen is protected by laminated glass of different grades, aluminum has an analogue of Gorilla Glass, the others have strong sapphire.


Responsiveness has grown at times, stuffingreally become more powerful, applications open instantly. Now there is no loss in animation when switching between applications. Rarely, when the frequency is below 60 frames per second. Even the Siri voice assistant began to process requests and commands faster, and there was less error in speech recognition.

Autonomy about three days during normal operation, sports mode requires daily charging

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