Apple Watch Series 5: continuously active display for $ 400

Apple, in addition to the new generation of iPhone, also presented a new generation of smart watches Apple Watch at the event in Cupertino

fifth episode.The most noticeable change that catches your eye is the screen that never goes off, or rather, it never turns off, it just goes dark. The screen dims to such a level that the information on it can be read. This is very convenient when you can’t bring the watch to your eyes to activate the display, but you still need to look at the notification or the time.

Economical display

At the same time, the energy efficiency of the watch is absolutely notsuffered because the display, according to the manufacturer, is able to automatically adjust the refresh rate up to 1 hertz (from the standard 60 hertz). So, under certain conditions, the display will consume energy at the level of electronic ink, that is, very little. The watch has built-in light sensors, as well as other auxiliary sensors that provide information to the software to adjust the brightness of the display. Sensors also support monitoring of all types of user physical activity. Consequently, the autonomy of the watch remains at the same level of 18 hours, which is confirmed by official specifications.

As for form and design, starting withthe fourth generation of watches acquired a modern stylish display that does not have frames. In the fifth series, this innovation also migrated. Recently, the company began to update all its products much more often, and it pleases. However, no wonder, since the world is on the verge of a new era, the era of 5G, that is, superfast Internet. This moment will greatly affect the entire industry of mobile and wearable gadgets, so now you can still squeeze the maximum out of the old generation by rolling out all the updates that are currently ready for commercial use.

This affected the materials, and became morealuminum models added made of ceramics, as well as titanium. As for the practicality of these materials, the matter is doubtful, but the expansion of the assortment is always welcome, and such watches look very different.

What's inside

Specifications are also a bitchanged, however, this does not apply to the processor, just a compass joined the other components. It will always be reflected on maps during navigation, and show your exact position, as well as the direction of movement. New features that became available on the fifth series of watches will also be available on other devices, as they are integrated into the operating system, which will be updated on all models. App Store appeared, so now it will be from where to get new applications, including from third-party manufacturers, to personalize the look of the dial or the interfaces of other applications. In this case, the installation of applications will be possible without the participation of a smartphone. The volume of the environment will be tracked by Noise, Cycle will monitor the periods, as on other Cupertin devices with watchOS 6.

Help around the world

Fifth-generation Apple Watch equipped with a moduleLTE got an emergency call opportunity almost all over the world. In any of 150 countries, the call will be made free of charge. You can count on quick help anywhere in the world. The initial version costs $ 400, and the 4G version costs $ 500. Only a model with satellite navigation will be offered on our market, the price of the new item is 33 thousand rubles, physical deliveries will begin on September 20.

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