Apple Watch Series 5 or Galaxy Watch Active 2: which watch is better?

Along with the new iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, Apple also announced the next generation of its smartwatch –

Apple Watch Series 5.Now in the mobile market of smart wrist accessories, there is an active struggle for leadership among various manufacturers.First of all, the battle is between Samsung and Apple.Companies such as Xiaomi or Huawei are not taken into account in this comparison, as this is a completely different (budget) segmentsmart wristbands.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Apple Watch 5

Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Apple Watch Series 5are the latest watches from two competing companies. Both accessories are interesting to review, while they are very different. But at the moment, we can safely say that this is the best smart watch now, taking into account the functions and long-term software support. We bring to your attention a small comparison of Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Apple Watch Series 5.


The two most popular smartwatch models arecomplete opposites of each other if we talk about design. The Apple Watch has a rectangular display, while Samsung's watch is round and much more like a traditional watch in appearance. Of course, you can find your own arguments in favor of each version of the watch when choosing a design. But still, note that the rectangular screen of the Apple Watch is ideal for displaying a graphical user interface and short pieces of information. The round Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a slightly smaller screen real estate, but Samsung has done a great job of designing the Tizen user interface to suit the physical shape and size of the screen. In other words, only your style preferences will play a role in your choice.

Score 1: 1


As for displays, both accessories useOLED panels. However, the Apple Watch can adjust the display resolution and refresh rate on the fly to be more energy efficient than previous models. This allowed Apple to make the latest version of the Series 5 watch constantly on and provide the same 18 hours of battery life. And when we say “always on,” we mean that the Series 5 display never turns off, it just dims.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 uses an AMOLED panel— flagship product for Samsung wearables and phones — which is capable of delivering amazing maximum and minimum brightness, as well as superb colors and sharpness, despite its small size. It doesn't have an LTPO driver, although you have the choice of leaving it enabled or not. The battery life is excellent — you can safely get up to two days on a single charge (with the always-on display, that is).

Draw again — 2:2

Size and straps

Both Apple Watch Series 5 and Galaxy Watch Active 2have interchangeable straps so you can really personalize them. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 supports 20mm bands (on both 40mm and 44mm models), while the Apple Watch Series 5 — 22mm and 24mm straps on 40mm and 44mm models respectively.

3: 2 in favor of an apple accessory.


And Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Apple Watch Series 5have a complete set of essential useful features when it comes to health and fitness tracking. Both accessories can adequately measure your heart rate and automatically track your sports activities and activity, but the similarities end there.

One of the areas where the Apple Watch 5 falls shortGalaxy Watch Active 2, — This is sleep tracking. This is a feature that has become quite popular in smartwatches over the past couple of years. And for good reason, since abnormal sleep patterns can be a sign of various dangerous conditions. However, the Apple Watch Series 5 can't do sleep tracking out of the box, while the Galaxy Watch Active 2 can. Luckily, this can be easily fixed using a third-party app like SleepWatch.

Despite the lack of built-in supportsleep tracking on the Apple Watch, it has many tricks that the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has yet to master. Firstly, the ability to make an ECG is not only in the USA, but also in other regions. Galaxy Watch Active 2 can also perform ECG measurements, but this feature is not yet enabled on the device: it will appear either at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2020.

Additionally, Apple Watch Series 5 has built-incompass and have an international emergency calling feature for cellular mode that works even without an iPhone. WatchOS 6 also contains some interesting new features that are still in the early stages of experimentation, but they seem very promising and can only be found on the Apple Watch. This is a Cycle Tracking app that gives users the ability to log important information related to their menstrual cycles and see the predicted time for their next period, etc. The new Noise app helps users understand ambient sound levels in noisy environments, such as concerts and sporting events, which can negatively impact hearing.

Draw again. Total score 4: 3.


And last but not least — These are the prices for Apple Watch Series 5 and Galaxy Watch Active 2. For convenience, we have made a table:

Apple Watch Series 5
Galaxy Watch Active 2

40 mm

$ 399 GPS
$499 GPS + Cellular
40 mm

$ 279 GPS
£399 GPS + Cellular

44 mm

$ 429 GPS
$529 GPS + Cellular
44 mm

$ 299 GPS
£419 GPS + Cellular

In this round, the clock from Samsung wins, and the total score becomes 4: 4. Both devices will be an excellent choice, it all depends on your preferences and the intended purposes of using the accessory on your hand.