Apple Watch Series 6 will get Touch ID

This fall, the American company should release a new Apple Watch Series 6, which according to preliminary data

will include a Touch ID fingerprint scanner built into the crown of the device, according to The Verifier, an Israeli site.

It is unclear exactly how the proposed Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be implemented, since the digital corona is already used to capture ECG in current Apple Watch models.

Fingerprint Sensor "Touch ID"sounds like some kind of weird feature that you can add to your Apple Watch, but it could potentially reduce the need for a PIN when you turn on your Apple Watch in the morning. The wristwatch is already unlocked when the iPhone is unlocked, but unlocking it offline requires a numerical code.

Apple Watch also use skin contact inas a biometric authentication option for Apple Pay payments and other features. There is also an opinion that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be transferred to the display, but all this seems dubious for now.

It is also reported that the next-generation Apple Watch will receive an improved battery, wider LTE support and support for WiFi 6.

Some features that will appear are also watchOS 7, many of which we heard earlier. watchOS 7 will allegedly include a “fresh design”, updates for embedded applications, and improvements for Siri.

Apple is also working on heart rate monitoring andsleep tracking. Support for pulse oximetry would allow Apple Watch to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, making sure that the person’s oxygen saturation does not drop to a dangerous level, which could indicate a serious and urgent problem that needs to be addressed.

Sleep tracking is a feature we are talking about.have heard a lot in recent months, and Apple plans to introduce sleep monitoring capabilities in the near future. Sleep tracking measures metrics like sleep time and sleep quality.

According to rumors, watchOS 7 will be compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and later, Apple plans to abandon support for Apple Watch Series 2 and earlier.