Apple Watch will add a built-in ECG monitor

Apple may upgrade its smartwatch by adding an ECG monitor to future Apple Watch models that will

measure the user's heart rate and detect irregular heart rhythms.

On Thursday, Bloomberg wrote thatthe tested prototype for measuring heart rate requires the user to squeeze the watch case with two fingers of his free hand. Apple continues to test this technology and may not release it at all.



"Then the clock sends a small charge of current toa person’s chest in order to track the electrical signals of the heart and recognize any problems, like an irregular rhythm, ”the article says. With a built-in ECG monitor, it would be easier for users to detect heart problems in the early stages.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ¼ people after 40 years of age suffer from arrhythmia, and it increases the risk of heart attacks and heart failure.



Although now you can buy a separate portableAn ECG monitor or a strap for the Apple Watch with a built-in Apple decision to add it to the watch itself would allow users to monitor their heartbeat constantly, and not just in short periods of time.

The Apple Watch has a built-in heart rate sensor that can detect changes in blood flow using light sensors on the bottom of the case.

In November, the company announced thatcollaborates with Stanford Medicine to study irregular heart rhythm among users. The study is carried out using a special application that analyzes all the heart rate data collected by the watch, and can recognize a potential threat.

The data collected in this project may help.Apple will create tools based on artificial intelligence that can easily recognize heart rate jumps and help implement an ECG project.