Apple Watch will work longer

Smartwatch battery life is still a sensitive issue for many manufacturers

similar accessories.Effective ways to increase charge life are still relevant, including for such a large tech giant as Apple. Despite software optimization and improvements to some components, the American company is still looking for new ways to increase the service life of the watch.

Apple Watch opening hours

In the new version of Apple Watch, the company plansOffer your customers an even longer operating time of the accessory on a single charge. This is planned to be achieved by switching to new displays. The manufacturer plans to abandon OLED panels in favor of microLED in the Apple Watch next year. These microLED displays are said to be more energy efficient and less prone to burn-in artifacts compared to OLED, but that's not Apple's only advantage.

Two Taiwanese suppliers have signed agreements withApple, according to which they will supply their microLED displays to the Cupertino company starting next year. At the moment, Apple relies entirely on only one manufacturer to supply the required number of OLED panels for its Apple Watch — This is LG Display. Switching from OLED to microLED displays will solve this problem for Apple, plus provide some benefits for consumers.

Since the first microLED displays will notcommercially available until 2020, the next version of Apple Watch will still be equipped with an OLED panel. However, starting next year, Apple may switch to microLED displays in the Apple Watch, which could later spread to iPhones and other devices.