Apple will allow independent repair shops to buy genuine iPhone parts

Apple will expand the list of companies that are allowed to buy genuine iPhone repair parts. Earlier

independent repair shops were required to obtain the status of an “authorized service provider” and to deduct Apple a part of the income for participating in the program.

What will change

The right to purchase received the majority of servicecenters in the US, in the future, new rules will apply to other countries. To get started, the wizard will need to take a free training course from Apple. After that, he will be able to buy spare parts, tools and diagnostic tools at the same price as the “authorized service providers”. Funds will be presented only for the most common iPhone failures - that is, it will be possible to replace the battery or a cracked screen. However, the use of third-party parts in particularly severe cases is not prohibited.


About the pricing policy of the new program, for sure, nothingis unknown. Earlier, iFixit editors got into the hands of documents where prices range from quite reasonable (from $ 16 to $ 33 per battery) to unreasonably high (a screen that costs more than repairs in an Apple store). In addition, all purchased parts will be accompanied by a quality guarantee, which will further increase their value.