Apple will bring iPhone production from China

Between countries, even such almost strategic economic partners as China and the United States,

friction also arises.Lately, this has been the front line of the economic war, and many people find themselves at such a time, and sometimes indiscriminately, by accident. Therefore, large corporations are trying to protect their business from this. Cupertino technology giant Apple, according to trusted sources, made a request to its main suppliers, asking the cost of moving a third of all production facilities located in the Middle Kingdom outside of Chinese borders. Of course, production will move not to the States, but to another country in Southeast Asia.

Business protection

This decision of the American company is due tothe transition of the protracted smoldering trade war into a rather active phase, when the two sides put up obstacles to each other, and this cannot but affect most companies, including Apple. Judging from the sources, the company sent inquiries to all companies and corporations that are somehow related to the production of various components and components used in Apple products.

The main production site for the iPhone -This is a large industrial concern Foxconn. Representatives of the industrial giant said that the company has enough power, including outside the Middle Kingdom, these capacities will be enough for the iPhone, and for any other products of the American company. So, if Apple decides to move the production of its products to a country other than China, then this can be done easily, with almost no losses.

Experts suggest that to quickly moveProduction companies need to start folding right now, because the case is rather troublesome, and can take years. Percent of 20 capacities can be quickly transferred to Vietnam or India. There are also capacities in Indonesia and Mexico, but it may take a couple of years to transfer production there. There are no winners among companies in this trade war, for the sake of certain state interests business will suffer losses, and from both the Chinese and the American side. But in general, all this will affect us, consumers.

iOS13 Beta2

Meanwhile, Apple has already launched its second betaThe new (version) operating system iOS13. Initially, the update was available only for paid accounts of regular testers and developers. The second beta is now open to all users. Anyone who has a company device can now try all the innovations that the company spoke about at WWDC live.

Innovations are a dark theme (systemic),reworked icons and animation on volume control. The map application now allows you to view the streets like in Google, in addition, photos appeared on 360. The music player now works in karaoke mode, that is, it shows words of songs in the text. In the text editor, new gestures, additional tools, filters and effects to improve the quality of photos have appeared in the camera application.

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