Apple will complete the development of a 5G modem by 2022 or 2023

Apple may stop buying Qualcomm wireless modems by 2022.

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According to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Applewill release an iPhone with 5G support next year. Modems will be purchased from Qualcomm and Samsung, and its own company will be released only in 2022 or 2023.

Here is what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo writes:

For Qualcomm modem, Apple uses twoown elements so that in the future it would be easier for the company to switch to its version of the modem. A 5G iPhone can support frequencies lower and higher than 6 GHz, but mmWave technology, which requires 6 GHz and higher, is relevant for the United States.

2020 iPhone line will consist of thema premium 6.7-inch smartphone with an OLED display, an average 5.4-inch smartphone with an OLED display, and a budget 6.1-inch model with an OLED display. Two expensive models will support 5G, while the budget model will only support 4G.



Developing your own modem is expensivelong and does not guarantee a successful result. Intel did not manage to create its own 5G modem, which is why Apple had to make a deal with Qualcomm.

It will take years for Apple to develop a modem,because the process is very complicated. Apple has set the task of a thousand engineers. Samsung also brought together about a thousand engineers to develop their own modem. Apple may not be able to use its modem before due to a contract with Qualcomm.

Apple also renewed Broadcom contract by twoof the year. Broadcom will supply some parts and modules for Apple's smartphones, tablets and smart watches. Perhaps some of them will be used for 5G technology. Broadcom can even help Apple develop its own 5G modem.