Apple will launch Apple TV + subscription in November for $ 9.99

The modern market is flooded with streaming services with subscription programs. Netflix, are already firmly established

have established themselves in the market, and Disney and NBCUniversal are also planning to enter the business soon.

The IT giant represented by Apple will not be left aside. They decided to launch an Apple TV + subscription, through which films and television would be available. By 2020, the company plans to receive $ 50 billion from its sales.

An unnamed source reports that at launchonly a small number of films will be available, but Apple is making far-reaching plans for expanding the film library. Moreover, a source in the company says that for a while, while Apple adds new films, users will be given free trial access. However, the duration of the trial period is still unknown.

The service will be launched in November in 150 countries at a price of $ 9.99.