Apple will pay $ 1 million for jailbroken iPhone

At the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Apple representatives announced the launch

an expanded reward program for found vulnerabilities in products.

How much pay

If previously the maximum reward for foundvulnerability was $200 thousand, then the company is now ready to pay $1 million. This is the biggest award not only at Apple, but among all technology companies.

This amount will be paid for vulnerabilities in iOS thatallow you to gain full access to the device without any physical interaction with the device. For bugs found in macOS, tvOS, watchOS and iCloud, they promise up to $200 thousand. $500 thousand can be obtained, revealed security gaps that allow hackers to gain access to user data.

To make the work of “white hat hackers” easier, Apple will provide special smartphones that have some security measures disabled. Anyone can try their hand.