Apple will soon release a case for wireless charging of AirPods, and AirPods 2 - in the fall

The source claims that Apple will soon release a new case for wireless charging of AirPods. but
The new case will come with old AirPods, not new AirPods 2.

AirPods 2 wireless headphones will be released this fall in new colors.
The report says nothing about the new features, but most likely they will, o
as evidenced by the delayed release.

A lot has appeared in the last few daysrumors about the AirPods 2. They say they will have new health sensors and a special coating for a better fit. Earlier there were rumors that the headphones will be released in the spring in the second half of March with the new W2 processor and the Hi, Siri function.

A new case with wireless charging will be presented with the new AirPods 2 in March,
Headphones will be released only in the fall. They will have an improved design, new sensors and
new color options. This will justify the cost of $ 199, on which
indicate rumors.