Apple will unveil many new products in May, including cheap AirPods

Apple has grandiose plans for this year. And even coronavirus will not interfere with their implementation. Anonymous

the source reports that in the near future we will see several new products from the American company.

Cheap AirPods

Most of all we are interested in the cheap version.the dodgy AirPods that are under development. It is reported that Apple already has a pair of AirPods ready to launch and ship. Their release will take place in May. There is no more detailed information about them yet. But the aforementioned anonymous source believes that the new AirPods will be presented as a more budget version. The product strategy Apple used to create it was compared to the iPhone SE strategy.

If true, customers can expect newAirPods, which will look identical to the 2019 version, but with some internal downgrades, such as a smaller battery and lower sound quality. Ultimately, at this stage it is pure speculation. It is believed that the name price will be about 129 dollars.


The original HomePod failed miserably, butApple has not yet surrendered to the market for smart speakers. Laker claims that Apple is working on a small version of HomePod, which has been reported several times earlier, and on an updated version of the original product.

Apple is expected to offer supportAdditional music streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora. Improvements to Siri are also expected as part of the smart home upgrade plan.

A smaller version of HomePod will be introduced bylower price to try to compete directly with Google and Amazon. It is expected that Apple will continue to focus on the premium segment of speakers with a larger model.

AirPower and AirPower Mini

A smaller wireless charging mat maybecalled the AirPower Mini, was first mentioned back in January by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Tipster Fudge announced yesterday that its code name is C26, and L0veToDream believes it has been under development since 2019.

He will be able to charge one deviceat a time and will be presented later this year along with an updated version of the AirPower charging mat. The latter, reportedly, will cost $ 250 and will charge three devices at once, including AirPods, Apple Watch or iPhone. To avoid overheating, the largest product has an integrated A11 Bionic chipset for dynamic heat management. Whether this will be added to the Mini version is still unknown.

Apple game controller and new Apple TV

Apple Arcade debuted last fall asThe game subscription was met with many praises. Now Apple wants to redouble its efforts related to the service. Countless reports say the updated 4K-capable Apple TV and next-generation Aion Bionic are set to be released later this year. L0veToDream agrees and believes that Apple will focus on its gaming capabilities.