Apple's patent says using augmented reality to navigate

It looks like Apple is working on augmented reality glasses.Whether they will ever light up is still unknown.

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Analysts believe that glasses will not be released before 2020year, which means we can only collect information about them. It contains the patent Apple, which was recently published on the network. It tells about the useful use of augmented reality glasses.

With the help of points, users could display the desired destinations from the map right in the real world. In addition, in the same way it would be possible to find objects at home, in the car and on the street.

Through the glass you would see the real worldsupplemented with virtual information. In the example we see buildings, next to which information about them is displayed. To find out more about a building, you could just touch it.


What exactly Apple is working on is not yet known. Even rumors are silent about this. Perhaps this is a whole helmet augmented reality or small glasses for everyday use. Or maybe they can be used only within your home.

Apple patents talk about a wide variety of technologies and gadgets, but this does not mean that they all become a reality. This patent is no exception, so expect nothing.

Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass are often used in manufacturing. Perhaps Apple will also want to enter this area. Augmented reality glasses would be very convenient to use for navigation.

In any case, we know that Apple is very interested in augmented reality technology, as the ARKit platform proves.