Apple's patent teaches wireless charging unmanned vehicles

Apple made wireless smartphone charging mainstream, and now the company wants to introduce wireless

charging electric cars. The company's patent talks about a car with a wireless energy receiver.

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The car will need to be properly parked,to start charging. We have long known that Apple is working on an unmanned vehicle. Recently, the company bought a project dedicated to such cars. When this car comes out is unknown, but certainly not before 2023.

Wireless power transmitter will be built intoa parking space near which the car will be able to park automatically. Cars with automatic parking already exist. For example, BMW 5. However, Apple wants to take everything to a new level by adding wireless charging to the parking lot.

Now charging electric cars is quite inconvenient, so it would be great if Apple's idea comes to life. However, this will certainly not happen soon, because much work remains to be done.