Apple's thinnest smartphones will become even thinner

The most technologically advanced and innovative smartphone manufacturer, and it is useless to argue with this, since even

Cupertino's design is copied by everyonecompetitors have sagged somewhat with the latest generation of iPhone. Or rather, smartphones are still being sold very actively; the level of sales can only be envied by other manufacturers, but not in the way investors expected. Of course, this is due to the prohibitively high price of Apple devices, but users have no complaints regarding the technical, software and design aspects.

A new generation is being prepared

So, despite the failure of the expected levelsales, the company has already begun to develop the next generation of flagships. Next year, the Cupertini smartphones will become even thinner, and the Korean manufacturer Samsung made some contribution to this business. And the point here is that Apple’s main competitor in the mobile market helps Americans stay at the top of the market by providing their latest displays. The new generation of Samsung mobile screens are created using Y-Octa's unique technology. These are the same SuperAMOLED panels, but the touch layer is integrated here initially. This allows for thinner displays and lighter ones.

Of course, this will lead to the fact thatthe smartphone will also become thinner, and the weight will decrease. How exactly the weight and size parameters will change is not yet known. It is clear that a big difference will not work, but this is more likely to be necessary for marketing, which Apple has always done very well, nevertheless, a millimeter may have won back a few grams.

Price tags will increase?

For many, such changes will suffice.the reason to go to the bank for a new loan is to get yourself a gadget of your favorite brand. Others will skeptically shrug their shoulders, and will note to themselves that this is a great opportunity for Cupertino people to inflate the price tags on their products again, and they will be right. However, the above is just speculations and rumors, since new Apple smartphones will have to wait until next fall, but there is time to dig in to not take much credit. What happens in reality, time will tell, a year can change a lot. So with the latest iPhones, the output is reduced by 40% from the original.